Meet Our Staff

Lara Wasson

Mrs. Wasson is 100% dedicated to the children. She is fun, lively, kind and cheerful. You will always find her smiling!

Julie Ah You
Sophia Nawahine

Aunty Julie is loving and kind to all the kids. She is patient, understanding and very thoughtful. She is the teacher children will run to for love.

Aunty Sophia is a work horse! She is both loving and firm. She has excellent management skills and is always dedicated to the children. You can always count on her!

Desiree Nawahine

Aunt Dez is the life of our preschool. She is funny, lively and can always cheer up the kids! She makes school, games and activities so much better!

Maria Waite

Aunty Maria is a very hard worker. She puts a lot of time and effort in to the kids. She is organized, pays attention to detail and always looks for ways to improve!

Hi'ilei Yuen

Aunty Hi'ilei is amazing! She is a team player and works well with anyone. She is very considerate and very kind to the children.

Amber Tai Hook

Aunty Amber is so talented at what she does! She is  positive, uplifting and very knowledgable. She looks for ways to always help the kids. 

Tupu Wheeler

Aunty Tupu has so many talents! She is a comforter, she's creative, and she connects well with others. She loves to help and will always look out for the best interest of the kids!

Jojo Ford

Aunty Jojo is fun! She likes to take photos of the kids and teach them health lessons. She likes to teach frisbee skills during recess.

Jerica Falevai

Aunty Jerica is very creative! She is smart, fun and loving. She has many talents to share with others.

Vanessa Cummings

Aunty Vanessa is a giver! She finds what needs to be done and does it. She shows love to everyone around her. Aunty Vanessa is the definition of aloha spirit!

Emmy Ford

Aunty Emmy is popular!  The preschoolers love her and you can often see a group of them clustered around her at recess.  She is gentle and caring.  

Tatum Beatty

Aunty Tatum is a hard worker and the kids love to come to her when they feel sad.  She has a kind heart and works diligently to help the teachers with the day to day activities in the classroom.

Rod Graham

Uncle Rod is a good father figure for the children.  They really like having a man around.  He's great with the energetic kids and very patient.

Josephine Peters

Aunty Josephine is a team player.  She gets along with everyone. She is always laughing and shares her happy cheerfulness with everyone.

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