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Bright Beginning Preschool started in August of 2002. Lara Wasson, a former kindergarten teacher, saw how unprepared children were coming in to kindergarten and decided to open Bright Beginning Learning Center to give children the skills to help them succeed. It is a life-long dream that has come to life and taken lots of passion, dedication and hard work. We started with 18 children and now have over 115 children. Our families range from Kaaawa to Sunset, but most are from Hau'ula, Laie, and Kahuku. We have five classes with two staff (teacher & aide) in each classroom. We are so happy to continue to help meet the needs of the children in our community.

Here at Bright Beginning Preschool we are working hard to make life-long learners. We motivate children to desire to learn and foster curiosity so they know more. They become thirsty for knowledge as we challenge and engage them through motivating lessons and experiment to find out answers, and how to sharpen their memory, there is no boundaries. We are not just trying to get them to succeed in preschool, but in their future academic journey. Bright Beginning works closely with families in daily practice of concepts learned, to continue in the home. The results of our program are crucial because they shape young children and get them in a path that can make the difference. We have created such a happy environment that education can be viewed as fun and stimulating.  ​

Bright Beginning has really incorporated and spent countless hours training staff on how to make the best environment for our children. We support the whole child academically, physically, socially, and emotionally creating a happy learning environment. We have specialized teachers come and teach their area of expertise so the children really get a wide wealth of experiences to build upon. Our program really tries to take the child's prior experiences and interests and then piggy back new concepts onto what they are excited about so learning comes easily. We are constantly adjusting and changing as we see what the children get excited about. We have aligned our phonic program with the kindergarten programs so that our children can flow easily to the next step of education. The skills learned in our preschool have carried children throughout their whole academic career. We have so many happy children and families. We have a strong level of commitment and dedication to early education and a passion that shows in all we do. 

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