National Association for the Education of Young Children 

Bright Beginning Preschool has spent years learning and working towards NAEYC Accreditation. This accreditation is not just meeting the standards, but incorporating and shaping our program to really meet the needs of our community. We were happy to meet our goal on November 13, 2013 when we became a NAEYC nationally accredited school. Our school has the following scores; Relationships 91%, Curriculum 95%, Teaching 94%, Assessment 100%, Health 83%, Teachers 86%, Families 100%, Community Relationships 100%, Physical Environment 91%, and Leadership and Management 93%. We have ongoing yearly assessments and overall the process has been and excellent indicator of what we are doing right and what we can improve on. 



Math: Math concepts are Introduced in a fun way. Our Math teachers introduce concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, money, and addition/subtraction.

Music: The children love learning new songs and actions in a fun, creative way.  Our music teacher Aunty Tupu spreads happiness and her fun, cheerful songs bring smiles to us all.

Hawaiiana: Aunty Amber, who is fluent in Hawaiian language, shares her knowledge of Hawaiian language, songs, stories, and values bringing cultural identity to our keiki.  

Science: Aunty Jerica enhances children's natural curiosity of the world around them. Predicting and experiments help our children form their own conclusions.

Art: Aunty Maria gives children exposure to a variety of media textures, vocabulary, and creativity. She promotes exploration and centers expand on lessons.

Story Time: Story time is brought to life with games, songs, and lots of interactive participation. Aunty Des makes learning so much fun and helps children explore their imaginations. 

Social Studies: Aunty Rachel brings cultural diversity and understanding of others to life. Children broaden their views of self to the community and the world around them.

P.E.: Aunty Vanessa gets our children physically moving and learning new games. Children participate in fun activities (like turkey trot) and learn sportsmanship and teamwork.

Health: Aunty Sulu enjoys teaching the children about their bodies (physical & emotional) and how to take care of our special gifts.

Phonics: Mrs Wasson teaches phonics in a fun and creative way so letters/sounds have meaning and relate to experiences the children can identify with. Homework reinforces concepts and strengthens fine motor skills.

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